Ship Operations module is a versatile tool that gives you an overview of your entire fleet including Vessel Technical details, Sea Trials, Vessel Inspections, Communication Equipment, Insurance and Claims, and other vital information.

Key Features

  • Manages Vessel Technical Information
  • Manages Vessel Management Information
  • Vessel Inspections and Corrective Actions
  • Prepare and Monitor Vessel Budgets
  • Maintains Sea Trial Information
  • Manage Port Calls & Agents
  • Vessel Insurance and Claims


Voyage Managements allows the managers to track vessels’ performance, fuel consumption, track vessels positions on a daily basis facilitating simplified daily reporting for events like Arrivals, Departures, Cargo Operations, Bunkering, Shifting, Ballast Operations, Noon Reports, etc. The system is capable to read various electronic logs from onboard systems reducing manual inputs required from Master and Chief Engineer. Managers can closely monitor the performance of the vessels and configure alert settings.

Key Features

  • Daily Reports (Arrival, Departure,Noon ReportsIn Port Reports,etc)
  • Voyage Performance Reports
  • Speed and Consumption Reports
  • Deviation and Downtime Reports
  • Track Cargo Load/Unload, Bunker Supply, etc
  • Vessel Positions and Navigation details
  • Vessel Positions and Navigation details
  • Customizable Data validations & Alerts


The maintenance module focuses on implementing centralized maintenance strategy across the fleet facilitating flexible specifications of planned and unplanned maintenance jobs and ship repairs. The tool also supports defect reporting, and tracking of assets, assemblies and parts associated with the vessel. The system supports calendar based and Running Hours based maintenance planning. The maintenance dashboard give managers overview and monitoring of jobs due, parts usage, work status, etc.

Key Features

  • Planned Maintenance Jobs
  • Unplanned Repair Jobs
  • Calendar based or Running Hours based maintenance
  • Rescheduling and Holding Jobs with Approvals
  • Job Planner and Work Reporting
  • Maintain Machinery Running Hours
  • Monitor Critical Spares and Out of Stock Alerts
  • Defect Reporting
  • Integration with Procurement system
  • Maintain and Update Technical Forms
  • Maintains Drawing, Certificates, Documents, etc
  • Inventory Management


An advanced procurement system flexible and scalable to manage and control the purchasing flow for the entire fleet and concurrently respond to the individual needs of each ship. The system integrates with PMS and Finance systems providing a powerful platform for tracking stock levels, forecasting spares demand, planning maintenance jobs, managing vessel budgets, and track vendor turnover. The module covers the entire supply chain cycle from requisition to delivery updates all transactions to inventory and accounting modules. The real-time budgeting allows buyers to view remaining budget simultaneously while ordering thus allow better control over the cost.

Key Features

  • Purchase any type of goods and services for vessels, including spares, stores, repair services, tubes, paints, provisions, etc
  • Create and Process requisitions
  • Perform Request for Quotations and Compare Quotes
  • Multi-Vendor selection with split purchase orders
  • Customizable Purchase Order Approval workflow
  • Integrate standard catalogues in addition to vesset specific spares or company-specific stores, tubes or service catalogues from company authorized service centers or companies where maintenance contracts are signed off yearly.
  • Keep complete stock control for inventorymanagement with value of items in stock and history of entry and exit transactions
  • Track budget consumption per cost account/cost centre based on actual invoices and issued purchase orders
  • Manage partial deliveries and re-order options
  • Manage supplier contacts and performance attributes
  • Manage Deliveries and Invoice Processing


Fleett Crewing Module support complete crewing process across the fleet, enabling you to optimize crew deployment and find qualified crew members. The system provides facility to maintain seaman’s records including sea services, training, certificates, documents performance appraisals, etc. The system helps to effectively plan crew for the entire fleet ensuring compliance with STCW requirements. The system also produces various reports accessible onboard and ashore that can be You can also upload relevant documents and attachments to the system.

Key Features

  • Maintain Crew Bio-data
  • Maintain crew sea services and other activities
  • Perform Sign On and Sign Off
  • Maintain Crew documents, certificates, and medical records
  • Crew Planning and Scheduling
  • Crew Performance Review and Appraisals
  • Organize Crew Trainings
  • Crew Travel Requests and Ticketing
  • Alerts on crew document/certificate expiry
  • Ensures compliance requirements as per competency matrix foron signers
  • Advanced Features

  • Crew Wage Contracts
  • Crew Allotments and Payments
  • Monthly Crew Payrolls
  • Payroll Accounting
  • POEA Wage Statements


FLEETT Accounting is multi-Group, multi-Company, and multi-Currency marine accounting software, highly integrated with other core modules like Purchase, Budgets, and Crewing. The powerful reporting capabilities coupled with multilevel consolidations ensure seamless flow of financial data across the departments. The system supports dynamic chart of accounts definition, Running Cost Reporting, flexible reporting formats, Drill-down reports, and complex management reports. The inter company feature lets you create multiple entries for many vessels or fleet in one Transaction with single set of entries. The system provides up-to-date with integrated financial data to benefit timely and accurate operational decisions.

Key Features

  • Define Fiscal Years and Accounting Periods
  • User Defined Chart Types and Chart of Accounts
  • Inter company Transactions
  • Handles multi–currency transactions including base currency,original currency, and transaction currency
  • Invoice Processing and Aging Reports (Accounts Payable)
  • Manage, Control, and Monitor Payments
  • Invoice the Client /Owner (Accounts Receivable
  • Monthly statements including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, etc
  • Running Cost Reports by Vessel, Fleet, or Owner
  • Customizable Owner presentation charts for Reporting
  • Import/Integrate Exchange Rates
  • Options to integrate with Banking Systems
  • Define Vessel as Company or as an Account/Cost Centre


The QHSE module enables ship managers to define, assess and manage operational risks thereby improve ship safety, security, performance, and achieve higher levels in safety management objectives. It helps to reduce administrative burden and ensure compliance with shipping industry regulations such as Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA), ISM/ISPS, SOLAS, Classification Rules, Vetting Inspections and Port State Controls. The system is designed to assist onboard personnel in reporting safety observations or events, perform follow-up and implement corrective and preventive measures on time. It allows easy and efficient distribution of Safety Manuals, Policies and Procedures to ensure company and industry standards are complied with.

Key Features

  • Enable reporting and follow-up of incidents, accidents, injuries, and nearmisses
  • Reporting and follow-up of audits and inspections, both internal andExternal
  • Better manage compliance issues (flag state, PSC, Class, ISM, TMSA)
  • Create, Control, and Distribute all Safety Related Documentation including Policies, Procedures, Forms, etc
  • Schedule and Monitor Meetings, Drills and Inspections
  • Analytical Reports and Statistics
  • Provide information on Fuel Consumption, Cargo Loads and Energy Efficient Parameters
  • Discharge Analysis and Halocarbons monitoring.
  • EEOI and CO2 emission tracking
  • Annual Emission Reports
  • Manage EU MRV Compliance requirements.


The DMS provides a central repository to store, track, and manage all documents handled/processed by the organization ashore and offshore. It enables the organization to reduce storage issues with paper files and opens an easy way to a paperless office.

Key Features

  • Create Unlimited User-defined Repositories
  • Define Custom Index fields and Search Tags for easy retrieval ofthe documents
  • Simple Text search and Advanced search features
  • OCR Integration for searching images
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Version Control
  • Can manage any types of documents including PDF
  • Easily manage security and access control


Live Fleet offers geographical view of the entire fleet across the globe with high-level dashboards and alerts. It offers abstract information of all aspects of the vessels including Technical and Operational data.

Key Features

  • Track vessel positions through the map
  • Customizable Alerts
  • High level summary of vessel details and critical issues


Finally it's an advanced business analytical tool for monitoring and comparing Costs, KPIs, and performance of your vessels . It connects various core modules to gain insight and provides full analysis with drill-downs bringing critical information to the attention of decision makers

Key Features

  • Provides snapshot on important information
  • Monitor fleet wide performance
  • Provides separate dashboards for core modules
  • Assists key personnel and Managers to perform day-to-day activities efficiently